IT Support / IT Supplemental Services

Relieve yourself from the hassles of in-house IT maintenance with dependable IT support and supplemental services from Comserv.

Most small businesses can’t afford an IT department. But no matter the size of your enterprise, technology plays a crucial role in business success. Business owners simply can’t afford NOT to have IT staff. If you have no IT staff or have only a small already-overworked IT department, why not assign your team to more important projects and let Comserv worry about the monotonous but essential IT management and security tasks? We provide IT Support / IT Supplemental Services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can offload the management of patching, backups, antivirus protection, and the content-filtering of all your devices to us so you focus on doing what you do best -- running your business!

Comserv offers a full range of IT Support and IT Supplemental Services. We proactively monitor equipment and fix problems before they become bottlenecks for your staff. We consult with all software vendors to streamline issues with industry-specific software and can even guide you toward the investment into a new system. We specialize in keeping your networks safe and secure with centralized antivirus, customized firewalls, and access to the latest routing.