IT Asset Management and Consulting

Reduce costs and mitigate your IT security risks while optimizing the full lifecycle of your organization’s software and hardware assets.

Business risks grow in number and intensity every day, but one way to mitigate them is through IT asset management. Asset management is a mandate for enterprise owners who want to derive meaningful information from asset tracking and use this knowledge to handle regulatory compliance and software license compliance audits, as well as security, operational, and financial risks, among others. However, completing a manual asset inventory is tedious. And in a modern IT environment that is constantly changing, the information gathered can become hopelessly out of date and of little to no value.

For these reasons, Comserv offers IT Asset Management and Consulting services to help small- and medium-sized businesses manage their IT assets. We have complete and accurate data and analysis tools to convert your inventory into actionable knowledge so you can better plan, maintain, upgrade, and retire any assets, and meet operational requirements while mitigating risks.